Perfect Energy. Perfect home.

Southern California solar panels can pay themselves off in 6 years.


Utility costs
are rising

Utility rates in California have increased an estimated 6%, and more than 10% on some tiers—with continued increases expected.


Solar saves
from day one

Using our no money down financing, you can save on electricity costs starting in their first month of solar.


30% Investment
tax credit

Homeowners may qualify for up to 30% back in taxes through the Federal Investment Tax Credit.

James Perfect is a true professional when it comes to solar energy and, more importantly, with saving my family money. James provided me with a cost analysis worksheet that helped me save a few thousand per year with running my air longer and cooler each day. Perfect Energy followed through on every promise from the price, loan, install, and follow up. I highly recommend Perfect Energy as a reputable solar company.
— James R.